From The Desk of Principal

I am very proud to present before you our society’s efforts to start and establish well organized institute for providing health science education through university courses in Pharmaceutical Education in the holy city Nasik. The credit goes to well known quality education Institute in India, Gokhale Education Society. ably lead under the direction of a renowned management scientist, great scholar and administrator Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi and Sooety‘s president, eminent educationalist Prin. S. B. Pandit.

The vision of the institute is “To develop world class Pharmacists to face challenges of research in pharmaceutical field, for development of drugs. drug formulations and analysis of products”.

To achieve this, the institute will be developed as Quality Enterprise in pharmacy education by providing well disciplined professional education, graduate, post graduate and Ph.D program In different branches of Pharmaceutical sciences like Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical (Medicinal) Chemistry, Pharmaceutical analyses, Pharmacology etc.

The institute is located in the excellent academic environment and will be contributing towards development of skill through practical experiences, development of vision among students by interacting with experts from Pharmaceutical industries and education field.

The institute will endeavor to have constant touch with parents, through advance technologies and provide information about performances ol their wards, design logical Plan for development of soft skills of all wards & inject confidence among all students to taco their professional life.

We are committed to impart Quality Education necessary skills and knowledge to our students in the best possible way to develop & enhance holistic personality of a complete pharmacist for betterment of health of our society.

Dr. Sunil V. Amrutkar
Ph. D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)