Message from Secretary

A DREAM COMES TRUE Aspects of Education are : Knowledge, Know-how and Character. Updated Scientific Knowledge provides excellent foundation and confidence in personality;
Know-how is the ability to translate knowledge into action and empirical know-how provides insight and vision for innovation and creativity.
Character is the most important component, which builds the Society and the Nation.

ONE HAS TO BE ‘KNOWLEDGE-THICK’ WITH ‘CHARACTER-ETHIC.’ We believe that the Technical Education coupled with Values & Ethics is the greatest need of the present time. The question, that grapples all nations today in the world is how to make education at all levels more effective, impact-making and living? In my opinion Education can be made more effective & impact-making through Faculty Training, Evaluation Reform, Industry Linkages along with Curriculum Development.
Starting of a decade (2009-18) leading to a Centenary (2018) the Gokhale Education Society, has created a landmark in Technical education.
On 28th June 2008, Bhoomipujan function was performed in Prin. T. A. Kulkarni Vidyanagar campus, on 10 acre piece of land earmarked out of Society’s total campus area 43.50 acres, at the auspicious hands of our Patron Donors Pushpaben and Mr. Jayant H. Sapat, (our distinguished past student) in the presence of eminent educationist Dr. Arun Nigvekar, former chairman, U.G.C. Delhi, former V.C., Pune University and Chairman of our Technical Education, Governing Board, and Dr. Shankarrao Gowarikar, International Physicist and Dr. G. T. Panse, Ex- Dy. Director, NCL, Pune Required Quality Infrastructure is made available every year thereafter & Now the whole requirement of 2 lakh sq.ft. is complete. and Under the leadership of Prin. Dr. P. C. Kulkarni, M. Tech. (Production), Ph. D. with 30 years experience, who joined as Principal on 08-05-2011, and with visionary Project Director Prof. Deshpande and Executive Director Shri. Shailesh Gosavi entire infrastructure consisting of main building, laboratories, central library, workshop etc. (much above too AICTE norms) fully equipped with all modern appliances and equipment is ready on 28-6-12. The college has all along highly qualified staff having rich experience & now there will be 1600 students on our roll(2012-13), with additional facilities for M.C.A., M.E. & M.B.A courses.
The first AICTE expert Committee visited 13/5/2009 & the LOA was received dated 23/5/2009, in a record time giving clearance without any Condition as such. The DTE, (MS.) allotted our College Code No. EN362 which is put on their website.
During 2011-12 Society started a Polytechnic at Bordi,Dist.Thane under the stewardship of Principal S.S. Niyogi, highly experienced & qualified professional.
On 28th June 2011, Bhumipujan was performed building for College of Pharmacy to be named as Gokhale Education Society‘s Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research in Principal T.A. Kulkarni Vidyanagar campus on one acre piece of land, near our Institute Building. The entire quality infrastructure fully equipped as per AICTE norms was ready in all respects as on 31/3/2012.The AICTE & DTE expert committees had visited the college on 25/5/2012 and 14/06/2012 respectively.
Like the Society‘s College of Engineering, this college is also born with quality spoon & will become a lead college very soon.
I consider Embedded Quality Technical Education Institutions as a divine gift to Society in my Platinum Jubilee Period 2009-2012 & with the blessings & guidance of Dr. Arun Nigvekar other stalwarts, these colleges will emerge at National Level as a lead & quality technical institutions providing a Model to be emulated all over, for making our technical higher education more qualitative, relevant, living & impact-making.

Sir Dr. M.S. Gosavi