Research Cell

Research Committee:

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Dr. Sunil V. Amrutkar Chairman
2 Dr. Prashant L. Pingale Member
3 Dr. Rupali A. Patil Member
4 Dr. Shilpa S. Harak Member
5 Mr. Raosaheb Y. Ghegade Member


List of Research Guide:

Name of Faculty Programme Subject
Dr. S.V. Amrutkar PG & PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. R. A. Patil PG Pharmacology
Dr. P.L.Pingale PG Pharmaceutics
Mr. R. Y. Ghegade PG Pharmacognosy
Mrs. S. P. Shelke PG Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mrs. D. R. Mali PG Pharmaceutical Chemistry


MOUs signed by College

In order to strengthen and channelize the Industry and Hospital interaction, we have signed MOUs with different industries and hospitals. The MOUs highlights areas such as Formulation and Development, Research and Development, Students internships, Industrial visits, Seminars and workshops