Student’s Testimonial

Student’s Testimonials

I am glad to provide you with my feedback about the college. My overall experience to date has
been amazing, and the college has an amazing staff. The college has provided me with a number
of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The emphasis on exrracurricular activities along
with education always helped me a lot. I have always found a positive and healthy environment
and the teachers are highly supportive. For me personally they were more like a family than being
teachers, who would clear all your doubts irrespective of the subject and would encourage and
motivate you to do better and better. The non-teaching staff is super supportive too. I am highly
thankful to be a part of this college. It has added a number of values to my life.

Ruchita Jayant Chaudhari
Admitted Year- 2018-2019

MSG COPER is growing and marching ahead with all its might, definitely with the right spirit and in the right direction.

Students are oriented here towards conspicuous value addition, namely the quest for knowledge, the desire of innovation, the approach for total personality development & the pride in being a member of MSG COPER family.

I express my sincere gratitude to all who in their own way have helped in raising the institution where it stand today and in realising our objectives. My deep felt thanks to all of them.

Thank you for your precious time.

Miss. Sayunkta Gore
S. Y. B. Pharm
Admitted year-2017-2018

I am a student of first year b pharmacy. The amount of exposure that I have received till now is astounding. The college helps the students to develop their communication skills. The college is a path and way for better quality education which encourages us to accomplish our future goals and enhance learning power. It provides us with quality staff always devoted towards value based education. The faculty here is extremely proficient, highly educated and open to limitless queries put up by the students. The laboratories are good with latest instruments and apparatus. The library is also good providing all the required books. The classrooms are spacious with well-equipped projectors and speakers. The college has a clean and beautiful campus, neat and maintained all the time. The college Provides excellent education and I am sure that it will lead to an overall development of all the students who have opted for the course.

Miss. Paridnya Bankar
F. Y. B. Pharm
Admitted year-2018-2019

A excellent place to learn and grow is Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Research and Education. I'm quite proud to report that I attend this college for my studies. Because of the excellent rapport between faculty and students, I was able to thrive in my area of interest. The mentors assisted me in developing both my academic and social abilities. The faculty's encouragement for me to take part in numerous academic and cultural events greatly influenced the development of my personality. I'm fortunate to be a student of MSGCOPER.

Thank you....

Rushikesh Tuplonde
Admitted: AY 2018-19

The college provides multi-disciplinary and enthusiastic environment which helps to develop managerial Skills, oratorical skills and also build a vision and innovation. The staff are very helpful, gives constant Encouragement and solve our doubts by conducting various doubt solving sessions. The college also organizes various guest lectures, workshops, seminars and projects which helps in enriching our Knowledge and out of box thinking.

I am sure that student’s future is secured in our college.

Miss. Madhavi Bhatia
T. Y. B. Pharm
Admitted year-2016-2017

I think it is very helpful having teachers that make you want to study and make you learn new things without being boring, but funny instead.  It was such an interesting experience because every day I learnt something new. The management, the teaching as well as the non-teaching staff are not just kind but supportive too.

Being a professional college, it has made me to respect what I am going to be transformed into, A Future Pharmacist, which is infact a novel profession in itself.

Mast. Abhijeet Tamboli
Final Y. B. Pharm
Admitted year-2015-2016